The sustainability revolution

We are pioneers in the sustainability revolution, redefining the meaning of “new” by using upcycled materials and promoting local sourcing. Through our approach, we challenge society’s perception of consumption and pave the way for a future where reuse becomes the norm.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In a world awakening to the urgency of environmental preservation, it is vital to reuse materials already at our disposal to create stunning furniture and home accessories.

The population is becoming more aware of the extreme danger the planet is in due to our current way of living, and how we consume. Therefore, we believe in reusing and recycling materials that already exist on the planet.

Responsibly sourced wood

Many of our bespoke, long-lasting and sustainable pieces are meticulously crafted from metal and wood.

As part of our pledge to revolutionise sustainability, the wood used to make our bespoke pieces is locally sourced from Rougham Estate and a sawmill in Beccles. Some pieces are even found just a few hundred yards from our workshop.

wooden crates
wooden table with epoxy
group of tree logs

A world without Dappr

Aeroplanes are typically disassembled at aircraft-recycling centres where non-metal components with no recycle value are discarded. Any major components or metal alloys are then remelted together to form a single homogenous alloy from scraps.

At Dappr, we are passionately leading the movement towards a more mindful way of living, one that celebrates the emotional value and longevity of our possessions. Therefore, we believe in reusing the materials already made available within the transport sectors to create bespoke and sustainable pieces of furniture for our customers.

Our commitment to sustainability acts as a driving force for our innovative furniture pieces. Whilst we specialise in the recycling of decommissioned aviation parts, we are also looking to venture into the maritime and railway sectors to create even more genuinely sustainable pieces without compromising on style or quality.